Nothing in the universe is static. Everything moves. Everything is dynamic. The human body is no exception. Movement is key to all healing regardless if your patient is pregnant or suffering from a car crash.

It’s time for change. A revolutionary change. FMT lays out the argument of why we’ve been doing it wrong for 100 years. It presents new ways of thinking about acute and chronic care. It integrates the best treatments with kinesiology taping to deliver the best possible patient outcomes.

Fascial Movement Taping (FMT) is a new way of thinking about our bodies. Based on the obvious yet largely overlooked concept of muscles acting as a chain, FMT’s revolutionary technique utilizes “longitudinal anatomy”, also known as the “movement patterns” concept. Quite simply, FMT focuses on the body’s integration of movement via multi-muscle contractions as a means of connecting the brain to the body’s uninterrupted fascial web in order to enhance rehab and athletic performance via cutaneous (skin) stimulation.

FMT Certified Rocktape Docs
Fascial Movement Taping Certification is led by industry leading experts in functional movement assessment and treatment.